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International Migration

© Vito Manzari from Martina Franca (TA), Italy - Immigrati Lampedusa

The Arab region hosts one of the largest and fastest-growing migrant populations in the world. In 2013, the region hosted 30.3 million international migrants (8.24 per cent of the total population). In addition, it was estimated that around 22 million migrants (5.9 per cent of the total population) had left Arab countries by 2013, almost double the 12.1 million recorded in 1990.

ESCWA aims to strengthen the capacity of Governments and other stakeholders to manage migration flows through dialogue, cooperation and policies that uphold the rights of migrants. It coordinates regional research and activities through the Working Group on International Migration in the Arab Region and provides training aimed at maximizing the benefits and minimizing the negative impact of migration. Research initiatives include the Mapping Report of International Migration Programmes, Projects and Activities, and the biennial Situation Report on International Migration.

ESCWA has developed a database on Migration Policies in the Arab Region to facilitate access to migration related policies adopted by Arab countries.