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Programme Management

The Programme Planning Section advises the Executive Secretary on strategic issues, priorities and policies with regard to programme planning, budgeting, monitoring and results-based management.

The Programme Planning Section coordinates all the Commission’s operational activities and assist the seven substantive Divisions to develop and implement a coherent, focused and impactful programme of work that serves to the benefit of the people of the Arab region. Its underlying mandate is results based and aims to address the priorities of member countries and global development agendas.

The Section has a broad planning remit to convert the Commission’s vision and mission for the region into concrete, coordinated activities through the promotion of a mix of planning tools to optimally use the available resources for achieving results.

The Programme Planning Section supports the Divisions in the planning and monitoring of their annual Programme of Work, of their Development Account and extrabudgetary projects. In this function, it produces the Commission’s annual plan and budget and is the custodian of ESCWA’s Enterprise Risk Management process.

The Section ensures that all deliverables and projects adhere to a minimum programme quality standard by serving as the Secretariat to the Publication Committee and the Project Committee. It further promotes organizational learning through the ESCWA Insight Series as well as through feedback from ESCWA stakeholders.

ESCWA 2020 Plan and Budget (English | Arabic | French)