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Compendium of Environment Statistics in the Arab Region 2014-2015

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The Compendium of Environment Statistics in the Arab Region 2014-2015 aims to disseminate environmental data and indicators on member States of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA). It provides an overview on environmental issues of relevance to the region, and detailed statistical tables and charts on freshwater resources, fisheries, biodiversity, air pollution and climate change, energy consumption, waste management, and Goal 7 of the Millennium Development Goals, which focuses on ensuring environmental sustainability. It also presents detailed data on carbon dioxide emissions by sector and index calculations for emissions.

All data were collected from national statistical offices and related ministries in Arab countries, some international agencies and the United Nations Statistics Division/United Nations Environment Programme 2013 environment questionnaire. Data for Libya, Morocco and Tunisia are available for the first time in this fifth issue of the Compendium since they joined ESCWA in September 2012.

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