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Committee on Energy

The Committee on Energy was established pursuant to Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) resolution 204 (XVIII) of 25 May 1995, which was endorsed by Economic and Social Council resolution 1995/25 of 24 July 1995. The Committee on Energy comprises official representatives of ESCWA member States specialized in the field of energy. The decision to establish the Committee on Energy took into account the importance of the energy sector in the socioeconomic development in member States, especially given the various sources of energy in those countries which include in addition to oil and gas, renewable energy sources. This requires close regional cooperation between member States to improve their capacity to manage energy sources in an efficient and effective manner and to use renewable energy in achieving sustainable development.

The Committee on Energy holds its sessions biannually. It undertakes the following functions:

  • (a) participating in the identification and formulation of priorities related to the ESCWA programme of work and medium-term plans in the field of energy;
  • (b) monitoring progress achieved by member States in the field of energy;
  • (c) monitoring the activities undertaken by the ESCWA executive secretariat in the field; following up regional and international conferences and the participation of member States in them and coordinating efforts to implement decisions and recommendations issued by those conferences.

Committee events