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Advisory Bodies and Focal Points

The Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee was established under ESCWA resolution 175 (XV), of 18 May 1989, to bolster the work of the Commission. It is made up of heads of diplomatic missions in the host country, and a high-level representative of that country. The Committee plays a consultative role and facilitates contact between member States and the ESCWA Secretariat, and among member States themselves, on matters requiring attention between the Commission’s biennial sessions. It meets every four months at ESCWA headquarters in Beirut.

List of the reports of the meetings of the Advisory Committee.

2 meetings on 24 February 2011 and 3 November 2011;

1 meeting on 22 April 2010;

2 meeting on 19 March 2009, 14 December 2009;

1 meeting on 13 October 2008;

3 meetings in 2007: 1 February , 3 October and 16 May;