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Technology for Development Bulletin in the Arab Region 2019

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The first section is devoted to new technologies. The role of open data and big data within open government perspective is addressed to highlight its potential opportunities and impact on socio-economic development. This is followed by a chapter on Internet of Things and open government data, examining the impact of the use of this technology on government institutions. This section also includes a chapter on the policies of smart cities and its impact on facing the population growth in Arab cities, as well as a chapter on the nanotechnology elements mentioned in the periodic table of the elements. 

In Section 2, Technology and inclusion, a chapter on Digital Financial Inclusion Technologies aims to highlight the importance of these technologies in reaching everyone, including residents in remote areas. Chapter 2 highlights the digital gender divide in the Arab region, and highlights the ranking of Arab countries in this area, while providing some policy recommendations to reduce this gap. This section also includes a chapter on the role of community based innovation in enhancing the resilience against humanitarian crises, especially in light of the recent conflicts and wars in the Arab region.

In the third section, Technology Governance and Impact, the bulletin devotes a chapter to discuss the role of Internet governance, especially after the launch of the term globalization 4.0 in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and a chapter on the aspects of economic impact of innovation, to inform the reader about the economic areas benefiting from innovation development globally and regionally. In the final section, the bulletin highlights some of the ESCWA activities related to the above-mentioned areas.