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Palestine, the Occupation and the Fourth Geneva Convention: Facts and Figures, 2014

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Over the past twenty years, Israel, the occupying Power, continued to disregard international humanitarian law, and to ignore its obligations as a state party to the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection Civilians in time of war, (the Fourth Geneva Convention) dated 12 August 1949. Since the Israeli legal system did not take serious measures to prosecute those responsible for violations of the Convention, the international community should develop specific mechanisms to achieve restorative justice and compensation to Palestinian victims.

This booklet lists main articles of the Fourth Geneva Convention, and examples of its violation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory by Israel, with the aim to raise awareness on the issue and prompt a discussion on how to enforce international law, namely respect for the provisions of the Convention in the occupied Palestinian territory. For, there will be no peace in Palestine or anywhere else outside the framework of international law.