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Information Kit - Effective Indicators to Measure Public Civic Participation

E/ESCWA/SDD/2013/Technical Paper.6
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Civic participation was a key demand of Arab citizens who took to the streets demanding to be heard. Young and old, rich and poor, they came together as active citizens to express their right to have a say in the making of their own present and future. Arab citizens had struggled through decades of political suppression by authoritarian regimes that muffled various forms of civic engagement. Community engagement through charities or volunteerism has always been acceptable in the region, sometimes commended and encouraged by the state, but that is where the limits of engagement were set. Citizens who demanded genuine political freedoms were suppressed. They were also stripped of many of their inalienable rights. Within the context outlined above, this information kit provides tangible measures of public civic participation (PCP) that have been tested to gauge engagement in different countries. It presents methods of assessing levels of participation and existing challenges, which may be tailored to enhance PCP in Arab countries.