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Arab Society: A compendium of Social Statistics, No. 11

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Arab Society: A Compendium of Social Statistics is the latest in a series of biennial compendia of the Statistics Division of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA).  Drawing on data provided mainly from national statistical offices, it focuses on issues of population, employment, housing conditions, education, health and culture. The eleventh issue of the Compendium pays special attention to education in ESCWA member countries. It presents education profiles for fourteen of the seventeen ESCWA member countries.

Not all available indicators are displayed in the body of this publication.  A more exhaustive set of tables can be found on the ESCWA website. The eleventh issue is intended not only as a reference for policymakers and other officials, but also as a snapshot of trends in the region for readers with an interest in the social climate of the Arab region, including academics, students, journalists and the general public.

Part I - Country education profiles

Part II - Selected social indicators