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Trade Integration

Trade is an engine for growth and job creation. Trade, and hence regional integration, is mostly facilitated by enhancing complementarities and the removal of tariff and non-tariff barriers. The low level of trade within the region and the Arab region’s share of international trade are a source of concern. ESCWA encourages the development of Arab trade integration by: providing technical assistance to ESCWA member countries on World Trade Organization (WTO) issues; assessing regional and sub-regional integration initiatives and trade policy; building institutional capacity with a view to negotiating and implementing regional and multilateral agreements and boosting the international competitiveness of the region’s exports; and working on strategies to promote export-led development and strengthen export linkages with productive sectors. ESCWA also conducts analysis of the integration of selected productive sectors in international value chains, trade diversification and competitiveness, regional integration and macroeconomic cooperation, the impact of globalization on trade and industry, public and regional policy in other regions, and trade, financial integration and transport facilitation.