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Country Services

ESCWA provides member countries with technical and advisory services on technological development on request, in the following areas:

  • Development and review of national policies, strategies and work plans related to ICTs, e-Government, e-Governance, STI, digital economy and the knowledge-based economy.
  • Policy advice on enhancing the enabling environment for ICTs, innovation, and the knowledge society, including infrastructure, access techniques, human resources, investment and funding, and the push towards its harmonization and integration.
  • Development of e-Government services, e-readiness assessment, and business process reengineering.
  • Enhancement of technology transfer systems at the national and regional levels.
  • Capacity-building in ICTs, innovation, entrepreneurship and monitoring through the use of of appropriate indicators and scoreboards.
  • Enhancement and harmonization of cyber legislation and regulations.
  • Alignment of national SDG plans and initiatives.
  • The establishment of STI observatories.
  • Promotion of national and pan-Arab digital Arab content applications.
  • Use of Arabic top-level domain names (TLDs).
  • Facilitation of member country participation in regional and international dialogue on Internet governance.
  • Dissemination of indicators related to ICTs, innovation, and the knowledge-based economy.

TDD Advisory Services in 2013-2015, by theme

TDD Advisory Services during 2013-2015, by country

Information related to ESCWA technical assistance activities and requests for advisory services are available through