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Statistics Governance


The Statistical Committee significantly contributed to the standardization of concepts, definitions and methodologies adopted by various statistical organizations of the ESCWA region. This is clearly noticeable in the collection of timely, regionally comparable and quality statistics in economic and social areas, especially, the implementation of the 1993 System of National Accounts (SNA), and gender statistics.

The Committee is instrumental in identifying priority areas for statistical activities in the region as well as coordinating relevant programmes among countries of the region as well as between ESCWA and other regions of the world, within the context of international framework. Its regular meetings created momentum for exchanging experiences and enhanced the smooth flow of statistical information, which had clear implications on the coverage, quality and timeliness of ESCWA Statistical publications.

The committee was established to undertake the following activities:

  • Acquaint itself with the statistical activities in the Commission’s member States, also following up the progress made in these countries in the development of their statistical programmes, drawing up recommendations regarding the status, implementation and evaluation of programmes of statistical work, and organizing symposiums, workshops and seminars related to statistics;
  • Study international statistical systems, classifications and projects, adapting them to suit the conditions and priorities of the countries of the region;
  • Provide advice on the statistical training requirements in member States of the - Commission, proposing training programmes in coordination with appropriate regional institutions as needed;
  • Standardize national statistics to make them more comparable at regional and international levels, taking into consideration relevant recommendations of the Statistical - Commission of the United Nations and other relevant bodies;
  • Coordinate the exchange of statistical data and information between the Commission and its member States for the benefit of all concerned;
  • Coordinate the statistical programmes of member States, particularly in matters relating to statistical surveys and censuses and dates of implementation.

Sessions of the Statistical Committee - Reports and Documents