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AIGF2020 Initiative: 2016-2017

In Dec 2015, the Fourth Arab IGF concluded the first mandate of the Arab IGF process (2012-2015) and resulted in the launching by ESCWA and LAS of the AIGF2020 initiative  that aims to analyse and develop the Arab IGF process in its second mandate that could extend until 2020 or 2025. The launch of the AIGF2020 initiative goes in line with the global IGF practice when the renewal of IGF second mandate was coupled with the formation of a working group to introduce improvements to the Forum.  Furthermore, the renewal of the Arab IGF mandate was called for by the Arab Internet governance community, and has coincided in 2015 with the renewal of the mandate of the global IGF until 2025, and the adoption by the United Nations of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A. AIGF2020 Technical Cooperation Working Group - TCWG

 The AIGF2020 initiative started with the formation of a Technical Cooperation Working Group (TCWG) from various stakeholders in Internet governance, to assist the umbrella organizations, ESCWA and LAS, to:
(a)    Analyse the achievements of the first mandate of the Arab IGF process (2012-2015) with regard to the targets of the 2010-Roadmap on Internet Governance;
(b)   Assess the impact of the Arab IGF on Internet governance policies in the Arab region;
(c)    Discuss challenges that faced the first mandate; and
(d)   Propose enhancements for developing the second issue of the Arab IG roadmap as well as the second mandate of the Arab IGF, to be geared towards implementation of SDGs.

B. AIGF2020 TCWG Activities

 In order to implement the AIGF2020 initiative, the TCWG has conducted the "Survey on the Arab IGF: Impact Assessment and Future Scenarios" (in Arabic) that solicited feedback from the wide community and analysed its results for the aim of the improvement of the Arab IGF process and the development of the Roadmap.  In the context of TCWG work on the implementation of the AIGF2020 initiative, three workshops were held in Cairo (29-31 May, 11-13 October, and 20-22 December 2016) and were coupled with WebEx virtual meetings for follow up on the group efforts.  Reports of these workshops are available under Resources of this page.

C. AIGF2020 TCWG Output

 The output of the AIGF2020 TCWG is a Report that includes the outcome of the AIGF2020 Survey together with recommendations related to the main themes discussed by the TCWG sub-groups, covering Arab IGF objectives, structure, financing mechanisms, content and outputs, and communication strategies, media and outreach.  The report will be made available for public comments before finalization