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Origin of the Arab IGF Process: 2009-2012

The activities within the ArabDIG initiative have resulted in 2010 with the publishing of the aforementioned Regional Roadmap for Internet Governance. The development of the Roadmap has involved the participation of all stakeholders in the Arab region and has fulfilled the aim of the initiative through a clear strategic framework for tackling Internet governance matters from a regional perspective.  The Roadmap was presented to the 2010 global IGF (Lithuania) and further discussed in a meeting of experts who adopted it and formulated the Call of Arab Stakeholders (Arabic) as a community statement advocating the launch of an Arab Internet Governance Forum to be a vehicle for implementation of the Regional Roadmap and a platform for policy dialogue and collaboration among all stakeholders in the Arab region.
Building on that, in 2011, the League of Arab States presented these outcomes to the Arab Telecommunications and Information Council of Ministers (ATICM), which recognized the framework and outcome of ESCWA-League cooperation on Internet governance, and called upon them to convene Arab-wide consultations to overview the Roadmap, towards the formulation of a guiding document and confirming the need for the Forum in preparation for its establishment (29th and 30th meetings of the Executive Bureau of the ATICM, and 15th round of the ATICM). 

In 2012, ESCWA and LAS convened the Conference and Public Consultation to Establish the Arab IGF (Beirut, 31 Jan - 1 Feb 2012) to verify the need to establish the Forum and implement the Roadmap as well as to confirm the availability of partners who are willing to assume the roles of the Host and Technical Secretariat of the Forum for the first four years, 2012-2015.

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