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Technology for Development Bulletin in the Arab Region 2018

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This publication aims to present the main global trends in technology and their impact on government work, integration and transformation,  in addition to Internet neutrality. It also addresses impact in the context of the Arab Region, and the policies that can be developed to maximize their benefits and reduce adverse effects. The publication contains a chapter on a number of advanced technologies that have a direct impact on the digital economy, such as the Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies. It also features a chapter on the relationship between technology and employment, and the promising opportunities provided by these technologies.

The bulletin examines the role of technology in achieving digital inclusion in the Arab region, and presents the concepts of government transformation in terms of the benefits and challenges facing that transition. It also touches upon the impartiality of the Internet in view of the increasing prevalence of advanced technologies, and gives an overview of the activities of ESCWA in these topics.