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Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Opportunities and Challenges for Arab Youth and Women

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Entrepreneurship is generally considered as one possible solution to unemployment among the youth and the economic empowerment of women in the Arab region. This study discusses the opportunities available to and the challenges faced by women and youth when pursuing a career in innovation and entrepreneurship in the Arab region. 

Chapter one explores the labour force participation of women and youth, while chapter two assesses the entrepreneurship enabling environment. In chapter three a specific look is taken at entrepreneurship in the Arab region among women and youth. Chapter four explores value chain development, social entrepreneurship and frontier technologies as approaches that can enhance women and youth entrepreneurship. 

Chapter five concludes the study and provides several theme-based recommendations on policies, entrepreneurship education, infrastructure, leveraging the diaspora, measurement, and specific ones on women and youth entrepreneurship based on the challenges that they face. Recommendations are included on enhancing entrepreneurship opportunities in frontier technologies and social entrepreneurship.