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ESCWA Annual Report, 2008

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This Annual Report summarizes the accomplishments achieved by ESCWA under its seven subprogrammes in 2008. Using a results-based approach in reviewing those accomplishments, the report provides a comprehensive perspective on the major socio-economic development issues and challenges facing the region. The Annual Report offers an overview of the work of ESCWA in facilitating transport and trade; providing a forum to deliberate the implementation of the Monterrey Consensus and financing for development issues; strengthening the use of renewable energy and management of water resources; launching initiatives for the development of the information and communications technology sector; supporting conflict-affected countries; providing assistance in the production of accurate and comparable statistical indicators; providing advice on social development policies and plans; and addressing the means to achieve gender equality and empower women economically, socially and politically. An interactive CD-ROM provided with this publication has been developed as a means for sharing and disseminating the information for greater public impact.