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Compendium of Environment Statistics in the ESCWA Region, 2010-2011

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The growing interest in environmental statistics amongst the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) countries has encouraged ESCWA to gather and publish environmental statistics for the region. This publication is the third issue covering environmental statistics with the aim to disseminate, as widely as possible, environmental statistics on ESCWA countries. This publication contains the most relevant environmental issues and concerns in the region. The publication includes seven chapters on environmental statistics and covers the 14 ESCWA member countries. It aims to outline freshwater resources and management in the ESCWA region, as well as the fisheries production and availability in ESCWA member countries. In addition to the biodiversity resources available, the data covers management of these resources and the contribution of biodiversity to the national economy. An overview of waste management is presented with all related data, in addition to data on air pollution. The statistical overview of energy consumption in the ESCWA region includes figures on oil, natural gas and electricity consumption in each country, as well as the average for the ESCWA region and GCC sub-region. Finally, Goal 7 of the Millennium Development Goals which focuses on ensuring environmental sustainability is presented with statistical data relating to access to improved water and sanitation. ESCWA encourages countries to participate through editing and reviewing the compiled environmental statistics.