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Workshop: Multidimensional Poverty and Social Protection Policies: Concepts, Measurement, and Relevance to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Online: Microsoft Teams
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This workshop has three main objectives.

  •  First, it introduces the main poverty and inequality challenges facing the Arab region considering the impact of COVID-19.
  • Second, the workshop aims to introduce and acquaint participants with the concept of multidimensional poverty measures MPI.
  • Third, the workshop will also cover social protection strategies and how this plays a role in poverty reduction and will guide participants on how to assess policy options in a national context.

The participants will thus be exposed to the following outcomes: 

  • Inequality and Poverty Challenges in the Arab Region
  • Introduction to Poverty Measures
  • Designing National MPI
  • Building National MPIs and using the MAT Tool
  • Social Protection and Poverty Reduction
  • Using MPI for Poverty Reduction and Social Protection Strategies