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Inter-agency and Expert Group Meeting on Improving Disability Statistics in the Sustainable Development Goals

Cairo, Egypt

The key objective is to implement standard methods to produce, analyze and communicate better data for enhanced SDGs monitoring and reporting, and share national and regional experiences and facilitate inter-regional cooperation. 
The meeting will help in achieving a common and improved understanding among the participants about the various technical issues and challenges of producing comparable and harmonized disability data. The meeting will also benefit from the user-producer dialogue to develop the Arab Disability Framework Indicator and related Metadata Handbook.  It will also provide valuable inputs for the continued development of guidelines and training material addressing disability statistics for measuring and monitoring development indicators including the SDGs. 


Breakaway policy makers report

Session 1: Global and Regional Guidelines to improve disability statistics

Session 2:  Implementing the Washington Group Questions on Functioning in the Arab region

Session 3:  Effective use of statistics in policy making and monitoring

Session 4:  Disability indicators in SDGs and other development indicators

Session 5:  Methods to produce disaggregated cross-tabulated analysis

Session 6: Field work training needs

Session 7: Terms of reference of CASA/ESCWA Group on Disability Statistics: A proposal

Session 8:  Arab SDG disability indicator framework