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Expert Group Meeting

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2nd Interagency and Expert Group Meeting on Gender Statistics in Arab Countries

The 2nd IAEG and Experts Meeting on Gender Statistics will focus on discussing proposals for methodology to measure the indicators in the Arab "G Is In" Framework; agree on compiling data...
5th meeting of the Inter-Agency and Expert Group on Gender Statistics (IAEG-GS) in the Arab Countries

The Gender Statistics meetings brings together experts from the National Statistical Offices, Women Machineries, regional and international experts to review and discuss development of gender...

Ad Hoc Expert Group Meeting on New Techniques in Conducting Population and Housing Censuses

Applying IWRM Principles in Managing Shared Water Resources: Towards a Regional Vision

The international community has been seeking to establish legal frameworks for improving the management of shared water resources. For instance, the Convention on the Law of the Non-Navigational...

Back-to-Back:Intergovernmental Consultative Meeting on the Water and Energy Nexus / EGM on Enhancing the sustainable management of water, energy and land

Development Policy Implications of Age-Structural Transitions in the Arab Countries


EGM Expert Group Meeting on Best Practices and Measures for Promoting Renewable Energy Applications in the ESCWA Region

EGM for the Status of Arab Women Report 2005

EGM on "Mainstreaming Gender in the Plans and Programmes of the Ministries of Labour in Selected ESCWA Member Countries"

From 3 to 5 August 2010, the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) held a training workshop on gender mainstreaming and organizational change for participants from...
EGM on Adoption of Interregional Linkages between ESCWA, ECE and ESCAP

EGM on Compilation and Analysis of Energy Statistics and Indicators

The Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) is organizing an Expert
Group Meeting in cooperation with MEDSTAT, International Energy Agency (IEA),
EGM on Development Under Crisis Conditions

The Expert Group Meeting on “Development Under Crisis Conditions” (Beirut, 27-28 June 2006) aimed at reaching a common understanding of the impact of conflict on socio-economic and political...

EGM on External Peer Review for the Survey of Economic and Social Developments in the ESCWA Region 2011-2012

EGM on Follow-up on the Results of the WTO 6th ‎Ministerial Conference (RB)‎

EGM on Fostering Sustainable Development through Regional Integration in the Arab Region: A Strategic Vision 2010 - 2020

EGM on Global Harmonizaton of Arabic Script Use in Domain Names

The year 2003 marked a global milestone towards...
EGM on Governance Trends and Measurement

EGM on National Trade Policies and Regional Integration - MEETING POSTPONED

EGM on Prospects of Space and Satellite Technology Development in the Arab Region

EGM on Space and Satellite Technologies for Development