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2nd Interagency and Expert Group Meeting on Gender Statistics in Arab Countries

The 2nd IAEG and Experts Meeting on Gender Statistics will focus on discussing proposals for methodology to measure the indicators in the Arab "G Is In" Framework; agree on compiling data towards testing the methodologies and identify data availability. In addition, the meeting will provide opportunity to exchange information on current challenges and best practices.

1. Review of statistical work carried out since the 1st IAEGM on Gender Statistics:

a) Follow-up on the Recommendations of the 1st IAEGM on Gender Statistics

b) Progress made in carrying out gender statistics-related activities in the period between the 1st and 2nd IAEGM on Gender Statistics;

c) Outcome of the 2nd Global Conference on Gender Statistics held in Accra, 2009

2. Country Presentations

- Algeria

- Egypt

- Iraq

- Jordan

- Palestine

- Qatar

- Sudan

- Syria

- Country Presentation

- Supplement

- Tunis

- Yemen

- Country Presentation

- Women National Committee

3. Revised Arab Gender Issues and Indicators "G Is In" Framework

4. Presentation of "G Is In" metadata

- Poverty

- Employment Indicators ESCWA 2009

- Decision Making

- Human Security and Social Justice/ Women and Violence

- Girl Child

- Enviroment

- Health (WHO)

- Institutional Mechanisms to improve the Status of Women

5. The use of gender indicators in policy making, monitoring and evaluation

- World Bank

- World Health Organization

6. Capacity-building in gender statistics for evidence-based policy making

- The use of gender sensitive indicators in health policy making, monitoring, and evaluation

- 2nd Inter-Agency and Expert Group Meeting- IAEGM

- Metadata presentation 2nd IAEGM 12_14 October 2009

7. Proposed framework for Website on Gender Statistics

8. Background Documents

- Gender in MDG: Information Guide for Arab MDG Reports

- Gender Resolutions (Ar)

- Gender Resolutions (En)

- Final report of Second Meeting of the Interagency and Expert Group on Gender Statistics (Accra, January 2009)

- Final Report of the Inter-Agency and Expert Group Meeting on Gender and the Millennium Development Goals in the arab Region (Cairo, 10-11 September 2007) ENGLISH | ARABIC