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EGM on "Mainstreaming Gender in the Plans and Programmes of the Ministries of Labour in Selected ESCWA Member Countries"


From 3 to 5 August 2010, the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) held a training workshop on gender mainstreaming and organizational change for participants from Ministries of Labour and National Women Machineries in six member countries. In the workshop, participants were made familiar with gender mainstreaming approaches and tools, and concepts of organizational change, and with the necessary tools for conducting gender assessments of organizations.

As a result to the the workshop, participants designed and conducted gender assessments of the Ministry of Labour in their respective countries. They summarized the process of conducting the assessment in a report and included a number of recommendations for designing gender mainstreaming strategies based on their assessments.

On 29 and 30 March 2011, ESCWA will hold a follow-up meeting to this workshop. Participants of the August workshop were invited to share the experiences made and results achieved and discuss good practices and lessons learned among each other, also with participants who have not attended the workshop and who have not yet undertaken the gender assessment in their country.

The ESCWA Centre for Women is currently reviewing and summarizing these reports and will shortly share with the participants of the upcoming meeting a brief summary of the experiences, highlighting corner stones of the approach and implementation, as well as challenges that were faced and how they were overcome.

The results of the two training activities and the gender assessments undertaken by member countries will be summarized, analysed and analysed in this meeting, and will be published in a comparative analytical study later in 2011, which will be shared with participants and a wider audience, and which can serve as good practice for interested countries in the region.

The meeting aims to:

           (a)   Review and discuss the gender assessments undertaken by participants in the August workshop and the assessment reports submitted by some of the participating countries. The review and discussion will explore the challenges faced during the process and discuss ways to overcome them;

           (b)   Discuss how gender assessment results can be used to formulating gender strategies, based on existing examples, to discuss what such strategies should contain, and discuss the way forward for the participating countries.