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Regional Project for Strengthening Statistical Capacity for the ESCWA Countries in Energy Statistics and Energy Balance


Energy data represents a basic input to all sectoral and national development plans, particularly in ESCWA member countries where energy sector has a vital role in the economic and social development. However, the quality of energy statistics in most of ESCWA countries still needs capacity building to meet the appropriate statistical requirements for formulating national development plans and international reporting. ESCWA member countries face several problems concerning the availability and overall quality of data on energy. Therefore, there is an urgent necessity to upgrade the capacity of national officials on compiling statistics on supply and use by all sectors on all energy sources as well as for harmonizing the definitions and classification and to produce yearly energy balance.


The project aims to strengthen national statistical capacity in developing energy information system and energy statistics and balances in ESCWA member countries. Through training activities and sharing knowledge, the project will support member countries in adopting of corrective policies and programs and promoting the production of statistics and indicators on the energy in line with United Nations methodologies.

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