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Survey of Economic and Social Development in the Arab Region 2014-2015

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Over the past few years, the Arab region has witnessed various events and developments, including political and social crises, armed conflict and a sharp drop in the global price of oil. Although some Arab countries have managed to remain resilient, the new price level of crude oil has inevitably affected the course of Arab socioeconomic development.

The Survey of Economic and Social Developments in the Arab Region 2014-2015, published under these challenging and uncertain socioeconomic circumstances, reaffirms the importance of cooperation and integration in the Arab region to ensure the efficient investment of human and financial resources in all sectors for sustainable development. It reviews the global economic context and its implications for the Arab region, and analyses the socioeconomic trends and developments in the region, with a focus on the impact of the 2014 drop in oil prices on Arab economies. It also presents concluding remarks.