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Road Traffic Safety in Selected ESCWA Member Countries

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Road traffic accidents constitute a major burden to all countries due to the high toll they exert on human lives and property. Efforts to redress this problem have been made by a number of countries in the ESCWA region on an individual basis, but no concerted structured work was put forth to deal with the issue from a regional perspective. This study presents an overview of various aspects on road traffic safety in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, Lebanon and Jordan. The aspects reviewed include mainly laws governing road traffic safety matters, methods used in gathering and analyzing statistics on road accidents, and educational and awareness-raising programmes on road traffic safety. The study provides an analysis of the positive and negative elements involved in connection to the reviewed aspects, and suggestions on how to tackle the latter. It also provides recommendations on how to improve the level of road traffic safety in ESCWA countries, especially the dissemination of good practices and the examination of the role that ESCWA could play in this respect.