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Review of Information and Communications Technology for Development in Western Asia, Issue No. 12

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This issue contains a review and analysis of the status of the information society in the ESCWA region four years after the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) through a follow-up on the implementation of recommendations, decisions and plans of action adopted by the Summit, and the regional strategies and plans of action in that regard. It presents an analysis of statistical errors made in measuring the information society and their impact on the accuracy of information and communications technology (ICT) indicators, in addition to a review of the efforts exerted to include women in the information society, progress achieved in implementing WSIS decisions and updating the Regional Plan of Action for Building the Information Society in Western Asia. This issue presents, under ICT policies, the ESCWA approach to promote science and technology for the information society and knowledge-based economy; under ICT infrastructure, one of the most important issues related to development, namely electronic recycling and treatment of electronic waste, with suggestions in that regard; and under ICT applications, challenges of ICT applications in the public sector in the ESCWA region. This issue also presents in its permanent sections the activities undertaken by ESCWA in the last six months, suggests certain websites and shows ICT aspects in daily life.