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User Guide Manual for AquaCrop Model

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Within the context of Food Security, ESCWA is implementing a Sida funded project on “Promoting food and water security through cooperation and capacity development in the Arab region” that includes a component on assessing the impact of climate change on agricultural production in the Arab region. This component is being implemented regional partners FAO - the Regional Office for Arab States Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Drylands (ACSAD) to assess agricultural production in the Arab region, as a result of changing water availability through the use of reliable climate forecasts and hydrological parameters at the regional and national levels.
In this respect, this manual, the “User Guide Manual for AquaCrop Model” was translated from English into Arabic for ease of use and was distributed to participants from Arab countries at the various training workshops and technical backstopping meetings in order to assist them in the preparation of the national reports thatassess the agricultural production of a certain number of crops in specific areas under the influence of climate change.