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Improved Energy Efficiency and the Uses of Cleaner Fossil Fuels in Selected Sectors in Certain ESCWA Member Countries, Part II: The Uses of Cleaner Fossil Fuels

E/ESCWA/SDPD/2005/1(Part II)
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While the energy sector plays an important role in achieving economic and social development, the environmental impacts of energy uses call for the adoption of cleaner fuels. The transport sector has the most adverse impact on the public health of the region. This study focuses on current specifications, with comparisons to international norms, of gasoline, diesel and fuel oil; on measures adopted for improving the quality of such fuels and for reducing emissions, particularly the elimination of lead from gasoline, and the reduction of sulphur in gasoline and diesel; on expected economic and environmental benefits of using cleaner fossil fuels; and on barriers facing the production and use of cleaner fuels. It advises that there is a strong need to revise and modify the fuel specifications in the region to match international norms.