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Country fact sheets on food security in the Arab region

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The Country Fact sheets contain key statistical information affecting Food Security, providing a comprehensive preview of the prevailing food and agriculture situation in the Arab Region. They were compiled to inform, support and enhance the efforts undertaken by Arab countries in achieving greater food security by addressing rising challenges and by adopting sound and appropriate policies for the sustainable management of the countries natural resources. This statistical information was grouped into the four pillars identified and analyzed in the joint ESCWA and FAO report: “Arab Horizon 2030: Prospects for Enhancing Food Security in the Arab Region.” The Fact sheets provide the scientific evidence needed to enhance the policy dialogue for achieving food security and sustainable management of natural resources in the Arab Region. In addition to providing generally related socio-economic data, they also reflect country situation in relation to food access, affordability, utilization and country stability. The fact sheets also comprise takeaway messages for each of the 22 Arab Countries that were derived from the findings of the factsheets and not from a thorough socio-economic analysis of the country.