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Compendium of Social Statistics and Indicators: Arab Society, No. 10

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The Compendium of Social Statistics and Indicators is a biennial publication which focuses on such areas as population, education, households and family, human settlements, health, and economic activity. Its primary objective is to highlight social development in the region through tabulation of time series statistics and indicators. This issue of the Compendium of Social Statistics and Indicators provides a general view of the Arab Society in ESCWA region and the changes it has encountered over time, with special attention to the labour market in ESCWA member countries, which is the theme of this issue. Data on population, employment, housing conditions, education, health and culture, were drawn mainly from national statistical offices.

Symbols and Abbreviations
Part 1 - Country Labour Profiles
Part 2 - Selected Social Indicators
    Annex - 1 - Population
    Annex - 2 - Employment
    Annex - 3 - Housing Conditions
    Annex - 4 - Education
    Annex - 5 - Health
    Annex - 6 - Culture