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Manual for Building Capacities in Developing Social Protection Policies based on a Participatory Approach

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The manual for building capacities in developing social protection policies based on a participatory approach is produced as part of ESCWA’s efforts aimed at strengthening national social policies, plans and programs that are founded on the principles of social justice, namely rights, equality, equity and participation. It provides a set of practical models, skills and tools necessary for formulating, implementing, financing and evaluating social protection policies, and how to build consensus around them to enhance their effectiveness and meet the needs of different segments of society.

The manual is based on analytical and training tools, as well as scientific literature and regional and global experiences. It provides a training instrument for developing an integrated and coherent policy that responds to the global frameworks and recommendations on social protection, and at the same time, delivers a flexible policy that can adapt to the specificities of the Arab region and the realities of each country. In this context, ESCWA implements national and regional training programmes to build the capacity of stakeholders involved in developing social protection policies and programs and provides advisory services on how to use the guide.