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2015 Situation Report on International Migration: Migration, Displacement and Development in a Changing Arab Region

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While international migration is one of the main factors driving economic and social change in the Arab region, the continuing displacement of populations occurring in several countries of the region remains one of the most pressing issues of today. In order to understand and make the most of the positive effects of migration – and to mitigate its potential downsides – a new approach, underpinned by good practice, human rights and a long-term development perspective, is needed.

This report aims to provide exactly this. It also fills gaps in knowledge by providing a multidisciplinary and comprehensive overview of trends and patterns in international migration and displacement, and their economic and social consequences for the Arab region. The report draws on the expertise of the member agencies of the Working Group on International Migration in the Arab Region and highlights the need for coordinated and holistic responses to current challenges associated with human mobility.