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For the AIGLE project, ESCWA collaborated with various institutions, starting from the project inception where the model of APCICT has been adopted, to its implementation where collaboration was initiated with various governmental and academic institutions in the Arab region related to capacity-building in public administration. Collaboration with the regional partners can be categorized into phases: 

  • Collaborate on the development and deployment of the regional survey for the needs assessment, where partners provided feedback on the questionnaire, identified and shared the lists of national institutions and individuals for the survey, and followed up on the collection of responses.
  • Contribute to the training-of-trainers workshops through nominating experts to be trained and who will be capable to provide training on the various modules at the national level.
  • Collaborate on the development and implementation of national training plans to carry on the national rollout of the AIGLE project, where partners may carry out national training for government officials after adopting the training modules and potentially enriching the case studies with suitable national experiences. 

Partners from Arabian countries Partner organizations:

Partner organizations: