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Training on GIS for the Integrated Transport System in the Arab States

Beirut, Lebanon
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UNESCWA, IDB, and UNECE are cooperating for the implementation of a technical workshop to address the harmonization between ESCWA  Open  GIS  tool  under development and the similar IsDB-ECE-ECO tool that is implemented for the common IsDB, ECO and ECE member States. The workshop will also test the applicability and the maneuverability of the GIS tool towards officials representing the Ministries of Transport in the Arab region in terms of data filling, updating and analyzing and  displays of query results, and seek the feedback of the participants  on the feasibility of the approach.

The technical workshop aims at achieving the following objectives :
  1. To test and agree on a common mega template to be used for the development of the GIS projects for the transport networks and facilities in the respective regions,
  2. To discuss technicalities of data exchange across systems.
  3. To introduce participants from the Arab region to the Transport GIS Platform and its advantages for the analysis and queries of regional issues related to transport.
  4. To train participants on GIS tools to fill and update data online.
  5. To obtain participants' comments and feedback on the suggested common mega template for the GIS attributes and the levels of accessibility of the information for officials and the general public.
  6. To obtain feedback from participants on the applicability and maneuverability  of the approach to develop full featured GIS tools apt to be interconnected in the future.