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Disability Statistics in the Arab Region: Expanding the coverage to leave no one behind

Amman, Jordan
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The key objective of the workshop is to share national and regional experiences and facilitate intra-regional cooperation to produce, analyze and communicate better data for persons with disabilities. The meeting will discuss the following:

  • New measures related to child functioning and inclusive education and employment
  • Harmonized and improved production of disability statistics in the 2020 round of census and future household surveys
  • Good and latest practices of countries implementing the standardized disability data collection methods and guidelines
  • Alternative sources of data collection and proposals for harmonizing a monitoring framework
  • Draft glossary on disability statistics

List of participants

Session 1: Latest developments and activities at the global and regional levels 

Session 2: Concepts, guidelines and methods on Washington Group questions on functioning 

Session 3: Child functioning modules

 Session 4: Other modules for data collection 

 Session 5: Collecting information on assistive devices and need of services 

 Session 6: Data sources, coherence, comparability and challenges to integrate the different data sets to develop a comprehensive monitoring framework