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Expert Group Meeting on Advancing Green Technologies through Science-Policy Interface

Beirut, Lebanon

UN ESCWA is leading initiatives to institutionalize technology transfer and develop green technologies to improve livelihoods. The meeting builds on UN ESCWA’s previous activities and joins efforts of relevant stakeholders to advance green technologies.

The main objective of the Expert Group Meeting is to highlight the important role of science-policy interface in supporting green technologies to enable the successful implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in the Arab region. Stakeholders will discuss opportunities to advance green technology and innovation, and share experiences on integrated policies, crucial to enable green technology development and transfer. The meeting also aims to institutionalize a platform for scientists, policy-makers, civil society, and the Arab technology industry to break down knowledge transfer barriers and foster future cooperation through national frameworks.

The results of the meeting will help identify effective and institutional communication channels and collaboration mechanisms among science, policy, society, and the market, to address gaps such as low technological readiness, and a lack of local technology development in the Arab countries.