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Arab Sustainable Development Report

ESCWA is mandated to prepare a regional report on the 2030 Agenda - The Arab Sustainable Development Report - at regular intervals in support of follow-up and review at the regional level. The first edition of the Arab Sustainable Development Report (ASDR) was produced in 2015 to coincide with the announcement of the 2030 Agenda.  Using the SDGs as a thematic reference, the report examines progress on securing human dignity and well-being in the Arab countries. The report stresses that urgent action is needed at the national and regional levels, and that integrated, long-term and evidence-based planning and investments that address the root causes of instability in the region are indispensable for achieving the SDGs.

Future editions of the ASDR will be produced every four years, in time for submission to the High-Level Political Forum at the level of Heads of State and Government. The ASDR TF facilitates a consultative process and ensures the contribution of the members of the 2030 WG in the planning and production of a high quality regional report that reflects the priorities and challenges of the Arab region.  

The ASDR TF is chaired and coordinated by ESCWA and is open to members of the RCM WG on the 2030 Agenda. Membership in the TF is on a voluntary basis, and rotates every four years.