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International Migration

In order to co-ordinate efforts on international migration and displacement and to ensure that these efforts are complementary and mutually-reinforcing, agencies in the United Nations system have begun to create structures to ensure global and regional collaboration on migration-related work. The Working Group on International Migration in the Arab Region, co-chaired by UN-ESCWA, the League of Arab States and the International Organization for Migration, brings together 19 participating agencies:

The working group coordinates efforts of international and regional actors in the Arab region and promotes joint research and interventions on migration and displacement.

The working group released the second edition of a biennial report on international migration 2017 Situation Report on International Migration: Migration in the Arab Region and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable DevelopmentThis report describes the main trends and patterns in international migration in the Arab region from 2015 to 2017, provides a summary of important developments in migration governance in Arab countries in the preceding two years, and analyses the links between international migration and the Sustainable Development Goals.
In 2018, the working group conducted a mapping survey of existing programmes and activities on international migration and displacement in the Arab region and produced its second mapping report 2018 Mapping Report: Migration-Related Programmes, Projects and Activities in the Arab Region, which charts the endeavors of its member organizations in the field of migration.