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Registration Procedure

To be considered for registration, potential vendors/organizations must provide correct and accurate information.

How to register as a potential supplier of goods and/or services to ESCWA

Companies wishing to be considered for participation in ESCWA tendering exercises must register with UNGM. Upon doing so, vendors join a database from which United Nations bodies search for suppliers and can access ESCWA Expression of Interest Documents. By subscribing to the Tender Alert Service, companies can be notified automatically via e-mail of all United Nations business opportunities matching the products and services for which they have registered.

UNGM provides for three levels of registration, as follows:

  • BASIC: For business opportunities with a value up to $40,000
  • LEVEL 1: For business opportunities with a value between $40,000 and $500,000
  • LEVEL 2: For business opportunities with a value exceeding $500,000

For registration in the database, please provide the following information in English:

  1. Copy of the certificate of incorporation.
  2. Latest certified/audited financial statement/information on the financial reliability of the applicant.
  3. General information about the firm and its products and services.
  4. Letters of reference from at least three customers to whom the company has provided goods/services.
  5. Proof of adherence to international standards (as applicable).