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Project on Population and Development

Launched in summer of 2014, the DA Project titled “Strengthened national capacities for integrated, sustainable, and inclusive population and development policies in the Arab region” (the Project), capitalized on the momentum generated by the Cairo Declaration of the June 2013 Regional Conference on Population and Development in the Arab States. The Declaration reflected Arab States reaffirmation and consensus on the need to develop inclusive, cohesive, and integrated policies that ensure dignity for all people, especially the most vulnerable such as migrants, youth, and older persons to achieve sustainable development.

ESCWA established partnerships with local counterparts in 5 countries, namely: The Higher Population Council in Jordan, the Ministry of Social Affairs in Lebanon, the Ministry of Family, Solidarity, Equality and Social Development in Morocco, the National Population Council in Sudan, and the National Board for Family and Population in Tunisia. In each of the target countries, a consultative process was launched to determine the national priorities that the project should focus on.

Over three and a half years, the Project succeeded in contributing to meaningful policy change in target countries in the Arab region through producing innovative knowledge products, contributing to capacity building, and providing platforms for peer learning and policy dialogue. This webpage makes accessible the reports of the national and regional workshops and the knowledge products that were developed within the framework of this project.


Member Country Documentation:




Workshop Report (Ar)