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Management of Public Institutions in Crisis Situations: Participant’s File

E/ESCWA/ECRI/2010/Technical Paper.6/Add.2
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Under the local and global circumstances, a three-day workshop was organized on the “Management of Public Institutions in Crisis Situations”. This document is the participant’s file, which included the program of meetings and details on all the specific themes of the workshop. The meetings of the first day examined several topics such as the development of management methodologies, the globalization and the global transformations, the emerging trends of the public management (ESCWA region) and the strategy and principles of a good governance. The meetings of the second day included the structure of government services and the role of the government and the private sector, the issue of local crises and their impact on the provision of services, as well as the effective means to provide services in times of crisis. The third day of the workshop was also divided into three meetings: the potential crises and their impact on water security, the potential crises and their impact on sanitation systems and the provision of services for refugee camps.