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Green Technologies, Innovations and Practice in the Agricultural Sector

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The Arab region faces many challenges including severe water scarcity, rising population, increasing land degradation, aridity, unsustainable energy consumption, food insecurity and deficiency in waste management. Some of these challenges, however, can still be mitigated with the judicious use of appropriate technologies, practices and innovative ideas that help bridge the gap between growth and sustainability as they reduce unfavorable effects on the environment, improve productivity, efficiency and operational performance. Their applications include renewable energy solutions, water and energy saving devices, air pollution control and sustainable agricultural practices. These technologies aim at improving the efficiency of resource use and the contribution to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The main aim of this factsheet is to introduce a number of green technologies, innovations and practices that could be adopted and applied easily throughout the Arab region. The factsheet also encourages stakeholders and the public to further explore this area and further innovate in it. Ten different technologies, innovations and practices are presented in the factsheet, and they address some common issues and challenges. The information provided is not exhaustive but hopefully could spur further innovation and the adoption of similar initiatives.