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Combating Domestic Violence against Women and Girls: Policies to Empower Women in the Arab Region

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Violence against women and girls remains a global phenomenon that is not confined to any particular geographical region, race, ethnicity, society, culture, age group or socioeconomic stratum. In the Arab region, laws pertaining to violence against women are not only dispersed among various sources, but more often than not contradictory. Even when legislation on combating violence against women is clearly established, the effectiveness of law-enforcement institutions in implementing such legislation remains in question.

This study examines the phenomenon of domestic violence against women and girls in the Arab region. It analyses its sociocultural and legal aspects and its economic impact and cost. It also reviews measures taken by Arab Governments to combat violence and the role of civil society organizations in addressing this problem at both the national and regional levels. The publication makes evidence-based policy recommendations to scale up government commitment to combat violence against women, particularly in the domestic sphere. The end goal is to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women in Arab societies.