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Regional and Country Programmes Projects

Develop a comprehensive and inclusive 10th National Development Plan for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA):


In line with UNESCWA’s mandate to provide advisory services and technical assistance to its Member Countries, UNESCWA works with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to develop a comprehensive and inclusive 10th National Development Plan.

By their nature planning processes are highly dynamic and must be adaptable and responsive to shifts in paradigms of strategic thinking, methodologies and techniques of policy analysis, modes of budgeting, and approaches to the management of resources. They should also consider changes in the international, regional and national environments (considering the political, economic and social context). In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Economy and Planning (MoEP) remains the main national planning institution that:

(1) provides professional economic and social development policy advice and direction to the Government and the public at large;

(2) sets long-term perspective development goals, targets and strategies;

(3) formulates and operationalizes medium-term national economic and social development plans and annual programs ;

(4) monitors the implementation of some national sectoral development policies, projects and programs;

(5) evaluates the impact of national development efforts; and

(6) analyzes sectoral policies and programs in order to ensure consistency with national goals.

However, frequent assessments of capacity and resources between the Ministry of Economy and Planning (MoEP) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Line Ministries lead to adjustments in the country’s planning approach and planning system.  To enhance the countries regional and global competitiveness, the MoEP redirects its role towards emphasizing a results-based management approach and towards strongly linking strategic thinking and planning in KSA to navigate transition, rapid changes, and uncertainty at the international and regional level.

By means of the present project, which is jointly implemented by the MoEP and the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), two objectives take priority:

  1. Technical assistance: At the sectoral level to identify activities and formulate Specific, Measurable Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound (SMART) indicators, which contribute to the National Development Plan’s main development objectives and which enable measuring progress and achievements both at the national as well as at the sectoral level.
  2. Capacity-building: To provide support and assistance in the preparation and strategic planning for the 10th National Development Plan through the formulation of scenarios that connect the national goals (general objectives) and the sectoral objectives to enable effective monitoring, follow-up on assessing the achievement of these goals and offer guidance on corrective actions throughout the lifecycle of the plan.

This project implements a range of activities directly related to the overall mandate of ESCWA and which cover: (1) Policy Development, (2) Strategic and Operational Planning, (3) Resource Allocation, (4) Implementation, and (5) Performance Monitoring and Evaluation. 


The three main deliverables of the project are:

  • At the sectoral level: For the relevant 75 State institutions development of indicators of achievement for objectives and policies defined in the governmental operational plans as well as to provide a support system for the preparation of the national development plan preparation, which enables tracking and follow-up on implementation of the plan.
  • At the national level: Provide the Ministry of Economy and Planning with computable general equilibrium (CGE) models that support the formulation of development policies and inform decision-making on addressing economic and social challenge. Furthermore, development of a dash-boarding tool to monitor progress.
  • Communication and strengthening participation: The project is accompanied by a media and communication campaign to inform stakeholders on the process of national planning and on the status of the 10th National Development in particular. The deliverable under the project encompasses a media strategy to highlight development achievements and implementation mechanisms as well as targeted institution-building in form of drafting organizational guidelines for the establishment of a communication unit within the Ministry of Economy and Planning.

Main outcomes:

The three main outcomes of the project are:

  1. Produce a comprehensive National Development Plan based on contributing sectoral strategies of public sector institutions to support the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in their efforts to address current and structural economic and social challenges.
  2. Develop a framework of collaboration and partnerships between the Ministry of Economy and Planning and sectoral institutions that carry the implementation of the national development plan throughout its lifecycle.
  3. Strengthen institutional capacities of stakeholders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and enhance communication capacity so as to contribute to increased transparency and accountability.

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