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Women in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030

Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut, 14 October 2019 (ESCWA)--As part of the support it extends to Arab States in their efforts towards achieving gender equality and full participation of women in the public life, ESCWA hosted a seminar organized by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Beirut, at the UN House, on “Women in Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030”.
Saudi Arabia has been witnessing various developments in the economic, social and cultural spheres, which have already had a positive impact on the situation of Saudi women. These developments were the subject of the seminar held at ESCWA today. Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 reflects a strong political resolve to empower women, raise the level of their economic participation, and build on their capacities and knowledge.
In her opening remarks, the Executive Secretary of ESCWA, Ms. Rola Dashti, said: “Unlocking the full potential of women in the economy is expected to increase global gross domestic product by 26 per cent in 2025, i.e. by $28 trillion.” She further noted that Saudi Arabia had started translating this realization into concrete reforms.
In his address, Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Waleed Al Bukhari affirmed that Vision 2030  recognized Saudi women's leadership in society and granted them prominent development roles.
The keynote speaker, Ms. Amal Yahya Al Mouallimi, member of the Human Rights Commission of Saudi Arabia and of its Family Affairs Council, presented on the realization programmes and objectives of the Vision that are related to women. She saw that developments in Saudi Arabia would reflect positively on the region. She mentioned in particular the royal decree amending driving regulations, which are being currently applied equally to women and men, and the comprehensive system to combat harassment that was put in place in 2018. She then concluded her presentation by asserting: "I introduce myself to you today as a fully empowered Saudi citizen".
At the end of the seminar, the Saudi Ambassador paid tribute to Executive Secretary Roula Dashti, Amal Yahya Al Mouallimi, and Lebanon’s Minister of Interior Raya Al-Hassan, who were attending the seminar, as women leaders building a forward-looking Arab region.


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