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UN-ESCWA Technical Committee Holds its First Meeting


The first meeting of the UN-ESCWA Technical Committee, established pursuant to the decision of UN-ESCWA at its twenty-fourth ministerial session in 2006, opened today.

The aim of the meeting, which extends until tomorrow, 17 January 2008, is to discuss preparations for the UN-ESCWA twenty-fifth ministerial session, in addition to ongoing preparations for the strategic framework for the biennium 2010-2011: suggested vision and priorities.

The Technical Committee was established with the aim of enhancing interaction and close consultation between the members of the Commission and its secretariat on substantive development issues. Its membership comprises concerned senior officials from member countries. The sessions of the Technical Committee shall be held every six months, starting January 2008

The Technical Committee shall have the following functions: To advise and assist the secretariat in drawing up proposals for the strategic framework, the programme of work and priorities, consistent with the mandates and guidance provided by the Commission; To advise and assist the secretariat in following up on the implementation of Commission resolutions and any other outstanding matters that require action; To advise and assist the secretariat in following up the implementation of the programme of work and activities of the Commission, including the mobilization of extra-budgetary resources to support their implementation; To assist the secretariat in identifying emerging economic and social issues and other relevant priority issues for incorporation into the provisional agendas of the Commission sessions and the subsidiary intergovernmental Committees before finalization, and with due consideration to the Rules of Procedure of UN-ESCWA; And to carry out any other tasks entrusted to it by the Commission.