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Tallawy: War Did Not Stop UNESCWA Work in the Service of Lebanon and other Member States


Executive Secretary Mervat Tallawy stressed that not once did UNESCWA stop its work in the service of Lebanon and other member countries, even during the war. She said this during a teleconference today with the United Nations Information Service at UNESCWA which focused on following-up the media work programme at the Commission.

Tallawy stressed that the role of Arab and Lebanese media must not be limited to covering political issues, but must rather grow to play a constructive development role. She said media efforts to cover the many facets of the war on Lebanon were much appreciated and deserved accolades.

The Executive Secretary stressed the need to boost development projects and programmes in light of the volatile and unstable situation. She noted that such projects and programmes represent a major part of the Commission’s duties and programme of work. “Relief efforts and humanitarian assistance, although important, remain incomplete without being tied to long-term development goals within the framework of an integrated strategic plan,” she said. Tallawy pointed out that such a strategy needs to take into consideration the need to activate the various segments of civil society, including non-governmental organizations, professional associations, political parties, and private sector institutions in the Arab world. “One of the priorities of this strategy must be to establish a civil state and develop a new sense of citizenship,” she held, “as they are fundamental to enhancing social justice and democracy in the region.”

Tallawy concluded saying, “Without a doubt, this dear country, Lebanon, will get back on its feet as it has done time and again through consecutive crises due to the will of its people. It is a country that deserves to live in freedom, dignity and prosperity.”