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Sixth Middle East Businesswomen and Leaders Achievement Awards


On the occasion of the International Women's Day, Executive Secretary Mervat Tallawy participated in the ceremony of the Sixth Middle East Businesswomen and Leaders Achievement Awards organized by the Middle East Excellence Awards Institute that is part of Datamatix in Dubai on 8 March 2007.


Tallawy was the key speaker at the ceremony attended by a congregation of political, diplomatic, economic, media, and cultural personalities. The ceremony witnessed the distribution of awards to a number of Arab women who are distinguished in their field of work.


In her speech, Tallawy said that despite the achievements made at the level of Arab women's advancement, they still face obstacles. The most important of these is the general political situation in a region afflicted by invasions, wars and armed conflicts. This is in addition to a new factor: discrimination between citizens along confessional lines, which is one of the most serious problems facing the peoples of the region in the years to come. "Arab women, who are part of society and are affected by the same factors, cannot easily achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals at a time when Arab societies are being systematically destroyed," she added. Tallawy pointed out that the instability in the Arab region will affect international stability and weaken global economic movement and tourist exchange.   


It is worth noting that the Middle East Businesswomen and Leaders Achievement Awards recognize the notable achievements of women professionals in Middle East businesses and government organizations, women who have made significant contributions to the development of regional society. Middle East Women are rewarded for their distinguished record in categories like business, management, media, education, and information and communication technology. The award selection process is a combination of voting and evaluation by a judging panel. Judges base their decisions on the detailed nominee profile and take into account proven qualities like leadership, innovation, and creativity.