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Riyadh Hosts UN-ESCWA Meeting on International Goods Transport Facilitation


Under the patronage of Minister of Transport in Saudi Arabia Joubara Bin Eid Al-Sraysri, UN-ESCWA, in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport, is holding a national workshop on International Goods Transport Facilitation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that will take place at the Radisson SAS Hotel, Riyadh, on 18 December 2006. This meeting is part of the United Nations Development Account project “Capacity-Building through Cooperation in Developing Inter-Regional Land and Land-Cum-Sea Transport Linkages”. The Project is jointly implemented by the five United Nations regional commissions, with UN-ESCWA being the overall coordinator of the project.

The project aims to assist member countries in developing interregional land and land-sea transport linkages and promoting cooperation towards trade and tourism facilitation. It allows participating countries to establish interregional transport linkages, enhance national capacity for developing the infrastructure for these linkages, and facilitate the movement of people and goods through them. The project also offers member countries advisory services to achieve these goals and strengthens links between national institutions of the public and private sectors. Participating countries in the UN-ESCWA region include Jordan, UAE, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.

Opening this Monday at 9:00am, the meeting will seek to strengthen Saudi capacities in identifying and reducing administrative, regulatory and procedural barriers to the international land and land-sea transport of goods to and from Saudi Arabia, with an emphasis on activating the role of the General Authority for Investment in the fields of transport and trade facilitation in the Kingdom.

The meeting will be attended by representatives of the public sector, including Customs, and the Ministries of transport, economy, trade, and planning, as well as the Central Bank, General Authority for Investment, and other agencies related to trade and transport operations i.e. maritime ports authorities and road and railway authorities. The private sector will be represented by import and export companies; transport, cargo, and customs agencies; banks; insurance companies; chambers of commerce; and business and industrial trade unions.